Price List

While projects are priced on an individual basis, I know that people like to see some prices on a web site; I know I do anyway. I focus on creating relationships with clients, talking to you and finding out what your needs are and what you can afford. Through this process we come to an agreement on what I can offer that you can afford. Each project is different and each client has different needs, so these prices are a starting, not a finishing, point. For a detailed estimate for your project(s) be sure to contact me.

Web Sites
All web sites include domain registration, hosting and maintenance if necessary.

  • Beginner Site/Basic Storefront: $350-500
    3-5 page site, template-based with individualized elements such as logos, colors, and client-supplied graphics.
    Example site: Peoria Holocaust Memorial (work donated for this site)
  • Intermediate Site: $750-1250
    Custom-designed site; might include one or two of basic interactivity such as a simple contact form simple animations, basic eCommerce integration. Most sites fall into this range.
    Example site: Three Paths Massage Therapy
  • Advanced Site: $1000-$5000
    Flash-based site, full eCommerce site, fully database-driven site or other larger sites integrating a variety of different technologies.
    Example site: Broad Branch Farm


$75/hour, minimum 2 hours for one camera.

$100/hour, minimum two hours for two cameras, one stationary one mobile.

$125/hour, minimum two hours for two cameras, two camera people.

If no editing is required, original tape can be provided or, in the case of photographs, flash media with original images. Otherwise charges are $75/hour for video editing/production or by job as arranged ahead of time.

Graphic Design work & Desktop Publishing
$75/hour, minimum 1 hour

DVD Creation

  • $25/tape for up to 2 hours. Includes video capture (from VHS, VHSC, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8 and miniDV and creation of one DVD
  • Creation of chapter markers/scene links at logical breaks (not every 5 or 10 minutes as you'll find at the cheaper places)
  • Creation of DVD with professional design, menus, and background music
  • Disc label, slim-line DVD case and insert; large-format DVD case with appropriate labels available for $2 extra/case.
  • DVD Copies: $6/copy from original

Group Technology Training

  • Full Day, up to 20 participants: $450
  • Half Day, up to 20 participants: $250
  • Discounts for multiple sessions
  • Free initial consultation

Individual Technology Training

  • $50/hour, minimum of one hour
  • Discounts for multiple sessions
  • Free initial consultation
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